Approved as a clinical training site by the American Music Therapy Association, The Music Settlement and our program leaders serve as a resource for therapists and educators across the country. 

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Music for Self-Care & Wellness
For individuals & families of all ages

To address the well-being of our community and customers during this very stressful time, the Center for Music Therapy is offering remote “Music for Self-Care and Wellness” sessions for individuals and groups (i.e. families).
Music, when used as a therapeutic tool, can enhance people’s emotions, calm troubled minds, relax tense bodies, and unite people in a common experience.

To register, please call 216-421-5806 ext. 104 or email

Read to the Beat (Virtual Offering)

Read to the Beat is an enriching, motivating, and fun environment for learning literacy skills. The program intertwines music and literacy using rhythm, rhyme and storytelling. Because music is a part of every culture and is not limited by age, music-based learning experiences are an exceptional way to increase engagement, social, interaction, and skill retention. Lessons are designed sing research-based methodologies and are multi-modal. Using music, participants explore a new theme each week, while also reviewing key concepts from previous lessons. Books and story-telling, playing of musical instruments, singing, listening, simple composition and movement experiences capture children’s imaginations while aiding in the development and strengthening of important literacy skills. The program utilizes drums, maracas, visual supports, and other manipulatives to help each child stay focused. Each group is one hour in length. To enroll, contact the Center for Music Therapy at 216-421-5806 ext. 104 or via email at

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