Zelos: A Photo Exhibition By No Numbers @ BOP STOP

When: Dec 08, 2019, 2:00pm - 7:00pm

Zelos: A Photo Exhibition By No Numbers @ BOP STOP

Bop Stop is hosting an exhibition of No Numbers' work. A series of photographs encompassing the artist’s vision of love entitled, Zelos ‘Devotion to What You Love’ By No Numbers. The exhibit’s opening night is on December 8, 2019, from 2 to 7 pm and runs for 90 days.

No Numbers, is the artistic name for Arron Bound, who is a staff photographer for the 2019 Cleveland Photo Fest, Ohio City native, and local artist working in Cleveland, and is taking a non-traditional approach to unveiling art. The opening night performers and the pieces are a reflection of the artist’s understanding of love. Performances exemplify the zeal that promotes and protects love. The pieces are meant to represent the conjunction of organic and inorganic constructs that creates music and to a bigger extent that which makes us humans.

The use of Zelos within the exhibit’s title derives from No Numbers’ inner belief that we bestow ourselves to those who are zealots. The zealot is the one who has the drive to consistently produce works of art. At the extreme they are sacrificing themselves for their art with no guaranties of acceptance for their efforts.

Opening night performances will consist of 2 poets who have been matched with 2 musicians. The pairing is to emphasize the uniqueness of the individual poets’ message. Poets Te Jones "Ladee Pe3t", is with saxophonist Alex Henry, and poet Mo Grays with guitarist Anthony Hitch. Additionally, there will be two musical performances by Nais Nechama Israel and Apostle Jones Band. The whole event will be livestreamed and professionally recorded by Michael McFarland for our future prosperity.

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