To welcome all to our music and arts community to learn, create, inspire and heal. 

To unlock the potential in everyone. 

The Music Settlement (TMS) is a centuries-old community music school forged out of the Settlement Movement as a way to welcome immigrants to Cleveland and unite them through the common language of music.  Since our founding in 1912, we have grown from our foundation of music instruction to also offering early childhood education and music therapy services. In 2018, we expanded our mission with the construction of a second campus in the near west side Ohio City neighborhood. We are literally and figuratively bridging our past to our future while connecting Cleveland’s east and west sides.

Through our three Centers – Music, Early Childhood, and Music Therapy – and our Bop Stop performance venue, we cater to a diverse clientele that spans a lifetime. From children as young as three-weeks-old to retired adults and veterans, we are improving the quality of life for all those we serve.

Settlement Renaissance: Paving the path for a transformative future

Like all those who invest in our mission through their support of TMS, we too invest in our mission. One recent example is the completion of our Strategic Plan 2019-2022 – Settlement Renaissance. It serves as our roadmap through fiscal year 2022.

The guiding themes of Settlement Renaissance:

  • Longevity
  • Human Capital & Community Engagement
  • Infrastructure
  • Brand Confidence
  • Innovation & Education

We are confident that if we focus our energy and resources, strengthen our operations and continually adjust our direction in response to the changing environment - we are bound to succeed - together. 

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