Inspired by music’s remarkable ability to bring people together, The Music Settlement (TMS) is a community music school in Cleveland, Ohio. TMS was founded in 1912 by Almeda Adams, as part of the Settlement Movement. She set out to connect immigrants new to our city with people from all walks of life to celebrate and share experiences through the universal language of music.

Our Mission: To welcome all to our music and arts community to learn, create, inspire and heal.  

Our Vision: To unlock the potential in everyone. 

The Music Settlement's Strategic Plan:

Through our three centers – Center for Music, Center for Early Childhood, and Center for Music Therapy – and our Bop Stop performance venue, TMS caters to a diverse clientele that spans a lifetime. From children as young as three-weeks-old to retired adults and veterans, TMS is improving the quality of life for all those it serves. 

As we plan for the future of TMS, we look to our newly launched 2019-2022 Strategic Plan. While creating this plan, we were able to examine community needs so we can better serve the families, organizations and individuals in Cleveland's east and west side neighborhoods.

Our plan identifies clear goals and objectives that provide fundamental support for TMS, as well as it's faculty and staff, clients, students and donors. 

TMS has always played a significant role in the arts, education, healthcare and social service sectors of Northeast Ohio. In these next four years, we strive continue providing exceptional services to thousands of people through performing arts instruction, early childhood education, and music therapy.  

View our Strategic Plan here: 

Chamber Music Intensive with Cavani

Placement Auditions Being Held for 2019 - 2020 School Year

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Ohio City Campus | 9/23

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