The Cure for Lonely Summer Instruments...

Posted on 05/23/18 by Marsha in Classes, Camps, & Programs

Across Cleveland each summer, there are instruments sitting lonely in corners and closets just waiting for the next school year. Why should they wait? Make this the summer that your music student gets ahead by participating in Chamber Music Camp or Orchestra Camp at The Music Settlement!

Summer vacation time is often a break, but it is also an opportunity to keep the learning going. For students who are dedicated to playing their instrument, summer is a great time to re-kindle or ignite a passion for music and playing with others. Summer music camps are a great way to do this because they include:

  • Meeting other young musicians from other schools
  • Meeting and learning from new teachers
  • Reinforcement of skills learned during the year
  • Participating in fun music activities with others

TMS offers Chamber Music and Orchestra camps that are perfect for students who participate in their school band or orchestra or take private lessons and do not normally participate in ensembles. Both camps provide meaningful experiences for student musicians that provide summer fun and learning.

Chamber Music Camp
When: Monday, June 18 – Saturday, June 23 from 8:30AM-12:30PM
Who: This camp is for beginning and intermediate level students (ages 9-18) who play brass, woodwind, and orchestral string instruments.

What: This camp focuses on chamber music. Chamber music is music played in small groups with only one person playing each part. Unlike band and orchestra, chamber groups do not typically have a conductor. This camp mostly focuses on classical music, but students also may play arrangements of pop and rock music.

Students are placed in a variety of sizes of chamber groups based on age and experience level. Typically, students spend part each day of camp working on duets, trios, or quartets. They also work together on larger chamber pieces that involve everyone in the camp. Each group is coached by a faculty member. Students perform the music they have learned and polished at a concert on the last day of camp.

Along with playing music, students also learn more about a variety of topics. These include learning to practice better, instrument care, physical warm-ups to prevent injury, music theory, music history, and careers in music.

Why Chamber Music Camp?
Playing chamber music is one of the best ways to become a better musician!

It provides challenges that cannot be found in just practicing and performing alone or just playing in band or orchestra. Each musician is responsible for learning their part and learning how it fits in with the others. Playing chamber music also requires good listening and communication skills.

Orchestra Camp
When: Monday, June 25 – Saturday, June 30 from 8:30AM-12:30PM
Who: This camp is instrumental music students ages 9-18.

What: Participants in this camp play together in an orchestra with other students. Students work together to learn pieces of music as a group that will be performed during a concert on the last day of camp, and of course, spend time together having fun and learning more about music. Each day, students will also learn more about music theory and participate in fun activities and games together as a group!

Why Orchestra Camp?
Playing in an orchestra is fun because musicians get to work together to learn and perform music while also improving their own skills. Orchestra Camp at The Music Settlement is also an exciting opportunity to play a variety of styles of music beside classical, including folk, jazz, blues, and rock. Participating in Orchestra Camp is a great way get experience playing in an orchestra and to maintain skills and be ready for ensembles at school next year.

Want to register or learn more?
Both camps provide unique and meaningful experiences for student instrumental musicians. Either makes a great way to keep the music going while school is out. Enrolling students in both of them provides two weeks of music making and fun that makes a great way to keep student musicians in the game over the summer!

If you have any questions about Chamber Camp or Orchestra Camp, please feel free to contact either the Enrollment & Customer Service Office at The Music Settlement (216-421-5806 ext. 100) or the camp director, Marsha Kincade (

You can register online at or call 216-421-5806 ext. 100 to enroll.

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